SeeThrough: Mar 15 – Apr 6, 2013


…as versatile as the people who play with it.

"She smokes skinny cigarettes and wears see through angel clothes. Why is she crying?"

“She smokes skinny cigarettes and wears see through angel clothes. Why is she crying?”

March 2013

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SeeThrough is PushPush’s newest hybrid production – a party within a story, illuminated by eight teams of eclectic visual artists.

The party begins precisely at 8 PM, Friday, March 15, 2013 and continues at 8 pm, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through Saturday, April 6. (The show has been extended for one week only)


The complete SeeThrough experience lasts around 90 minutes each night, but guests are happy to stay longer and enjoy more.

SeeThrough happens at Erikson Clock, 364 Nelson St. SW, Atlanta, GA 30313, in Castelberry Hill.

For one $20 bill, guests will enjoy food, drink, live music and other treats. Once you get your key, you’ll have the chance to examine the rooms that one never gets to enter, as you explore a tactile dream arcade created by eight teams of eclectic visual artists. All within a kaleidoscopic story involving one young girl that is still up way past her bedtime.

Seek and you shall find your personal invitation with clues about a revolving line-up of djs, bands, art, toys, drinks, tasty eats, special guests and other surprises at

As a guest, you will explore an evolving creativity arcade…while relating to, and challenging, each other in mysterious ways.  Art is being created. Things change. No two party nights are alike.

During the course of the evening, each person who enters shifts from an eavesdropping party guest to a puzzle-solving pathfinder to a proactive guest in the story.  Don’t be afraid of little Jenny Rose, whose child games and curiosities forge a precocious path during the party. With you, her  imaginary friends and a head full of assumptions – she works out life questions with guests during an imaginary talk show. You will emerge amused and confused, but better connected with the outside world and your secret self. And with each other.

SeeThrough involves a series of interactive, interconnected installations designed exclusively for the historic Erikson Clock space.  The current list of participating artists, mythmakers, and visionaries includes….

Shelby Hofer and Tim Habeger of PushPush along with Josh Feigert, Becky Furey, Helen Hale, Patty Lacrete, Orion, Stephanie Pharr, Kris Pilcher, Brandon Sadler, Nathan Sharratt and Dorothy Stucki.

The rotating line-up of musicians, performing artists, and surprise participants to be announced, and could change at the whims of guests and Jenny Rose at any time.

SeeThrough is a collaborative production of PushPush Theater & Film, Above The Fold, The Nelson Gallery, MASS Collective and The Goat Farm Arts Center.

PushPush and its projects are supported in part by funding from Georgia Council for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. SeeThrough is supported in part by a grant from Possible Futures. SeeThrough was originally supported by a small grant from Idea Capital Atlanta under the title “The Johnny Show”.

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