Our Mission, Vision & Approach


Since 1997, award-winning PushPush Film & Theater has incubated, produced and created innovative productions while pioneering contemporary film and performance programs like Dailies Filmmakers, CultivEight for writers, and The Portal International Exchange Project, SmallTall Youth Program, and more. Hundreds of independent artists have participated in these programs, resulting in a wide variety of groundbreaking film, theater, and multidisciplinary works.

Through an integrative and process-driven approach, our mission is to expand our cultural progress by nurturing a network of creators with distinctive development opportunities, partnerships, and connecting the dots between these projects, ideas and individuals.

PushPush offers education, systems, space, materials, mentorships, collaborators and other resources to support risk-taking and exploration – nationally and abroad. Focused on new media, and alternative theatrical and narrative forms, our events and productions – live or filmed – gravitate toward immersive and provocative, and range from large-scale to extremely intimate.

Our vision is a sustainable hub for collaboration, creation and innovation.


Founded by Tim Habeger, Shelby Hofer and Milton Sams in 1997, with help from Rob Nixon beginning 1998, PushPush is an artist-driven non-profit that cultivates distinctive artistic development opportunities for theater and media artists. Developing artists and ideas, PushPush cultivates and creates new work while connecting globally. They attract artists from other dynamic cultural centers and provide rare opportunities for professional and emerging artists to develop, take risks, explore ideas, and collaborate locally and internationally. PushPush seeks to raise the bar of quality in Atlanta’s original theater, film and hybrid creations by offering resources – such as education, planning systems, time, space, global and local relationships, materials, critical response – that enable artists at all stages to explore new ideas and achieve greater impact. Through this work PushPush connects its audiences to a range of diverse shows and programs that provide education, entertainment, and artistry. Our MISSION is to advance cultural progression through the cultivation of distinctive artistic development opportunities for theater and new media artists. Our STRATEGY is to attract artists from other dynamic cultural centers and cultivate distinctive opportunities for performing artists to grow, take artistic risks, explore new ideas, and collaborate. Our VISION is to be a global hub for developing innovators in Theater and New Media. We seek to raise the bar of quality theater, film and hybrid work by creating and connecting resources that enable artists to explore new ideas and have increased impact. Our empowerment extends to the next generation through workshops, performances and camps within our youth program, SmallTall Theater. Some of our award-winning programs include:

  • Dailies, supporting the development of 600 film, video and media artists.
  • SmallTall, allowing 3000 young artists access to quality literature and training.
  • The International Portal Project, cultivating partnerships between 75 local and international artists.
  • The Individual Artistic Planning Program, helping over 40 individual artists annually achieve long-term career goals.