Metro Atlanta’s First Agile Arts Lab

It’s a network of professional creators and innovators working to grow the quality, quantity and diversity of Georgia-owned intellectual property, and ultimately, its cultural viability. Seedworks is distinct from other incubators and content developers in several ways.


• Attracts and retains talent with meaningful opportunities beyond Atlanta’ glass ceiling.

• Offers gestational planning and accountability measures using a unique approach created by hundreds of independent creators in seven cities.

• Reduces undercooked or unrefined work by focusing on a “slow-cooker” process of three months to three years to increase quality.

• Promotes reinvestment and sustainable growth by increasing ownership of Georgia’s creative I.P.

• Provides support and education for local investors through shared risk strategies and personal connections with leading innovators in their chosen creative fields.

• Puts a key focus on advanced-career artists that continually use Atlanta as a stepping stone city.

• Provides access points for every level of experience using an open source system.

• Maintains a diverse and expanding menu of quality intellectual properties born and owned in Georgia that promote our authentic and progressive cultural identity.

• Offers shared-equity opportunities for properties that have crossed the development threshold into proof of concept.

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