CultivEight – a pilot program for developing quality, original content in Atlanta

2014-08-04 12.53.16FROM THE ARCHIVES


PushPush announces the creation of CultivEight, a pilot program aimed at connecting writers and producers with resources for developing quality, original content in Atlanta and other markets.

CultivEight will be a structured development process, teaming writers with directors, show-runners and producers. The program will include professional consultation, script feedback, public and private readings, and substantive rewrites inside of an 8-month timeframe.

For this beta round of the first CultivEight session, up to 30 scripts/treatments will be considered for participation. Measurable outcomes will include connections, opportunities and script development for eight participating writers, and identifying at least three scripts as stand-outs to slate for potential production, in various budget tiers. The first CultivEight round runs November 2014-June 2015.

For more details contact

The program is supported in part by an NEA ArtWorks grant.


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